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Bespoke 1-2-1

Tailor Made for You

We offer bespoke courses with proven results, tailored to your child’s individual needs. The course structure is carefully planned following an initial assessment to ensure we boost your child’s confidence in their chosen subject. Our course allows students to achieve fluency, reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems within the English, Mathematics and Science syllabus. This content-based preparation is enhanced with regular mocks and tests which refine our students’ proficiency in exam technique and performance.


Subjects Taught

Any Subject!

Class Size

1 Student

Class Duration

1 hrs per week


2 hrs per week

Course Fees

Take Your Pick


1 hr per week


2 hrs per week


4 hrs per week


Registration Fee


What Former Students and Parents Have to Say

Alis Academy is an amazing tuition, it has helped me gain confidence in my work aswell as helping me maintain high grades! Thank You Alis Academy!

Bilal Mohammed

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